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Big Idea Enterprises specializes in Custom Buildimg TOP QUALITY Computers designed for your individual needs.

Whether you need a PC to do basic word processing and Internet surfing, heavy duty gaming and graphics, or anything in between, we'll build the perfect computer JUST FOR YOU.

All our computers carry a One Year Limited Warranty, but in addition, most major components used in our computers, CPU, Motherboard and Hard Drive carry at least a 3 year warranty! If it happens, we'll help you get it replaced.

We use ONLY top quality components in our computers! We do not compromise. You will not find a computer priced too good to be true here. If you want that you know where to go.

Tech support is only a phone call away. You will NOT go through phone purgatory or speak with someone you cannot understand from accross the Globe. We are here to help you.

Specials change weekly, so checek back often for the latest deals.
Big Idea Enterprises Limited Warranty

State of the Art Custom Built Computers
$595.00 to $5000.00

INTEL Core 2 Duo - Core 2 Quad
Whatever you need we will custom build it
Just For You

CUSTOM BUILT COMPUTERS - Whatever configuration you need or want!!!


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