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Drum Hands Percussion Programs

Two interactive percussion programs are now available for Children ages 5 and up, adults included. Both programs are designed to introduce music and rhythm, and promote positive group activity. The importance of cooperation among people is emphasized throughout the programs with rhythm and percussion as the catalysts. Team building, self-esteem, coordination, leadership and following direction are elements explored within the programs. The Drum Hands programs are ideal for school groups and private gatherings.
The positive effect of percussion participation is now well recognized - from relieving stress, to enhancing the recovery of those with injuries or disabilities. The Drum Hands programs were created to share the magic of percussion and enhance the life experience of children of all ages. Drum Hand programs deliver a fun learning experience that will be enjoyed by all.

Percussion Around the World - Ideal for school groups and assemblies, the program explores percussion instruments and their usage in cultures throughout the world. Instruments from locations including Africa, India, Europe, Middle East, Caribbean Islands, South America and North America are shown and demonstrated. The Percussion Around the World program traces the migration of percussion instruments and rhythms to the Americas. A group participation rhythm exercise concludes the program. Program time is approximately one hour but can be extended to accommodate additional group participation if desired.

Drum/Music Circle - Hands-on, group participation activities demonstrate the importance of individuals as part of a group or community. Cooperation, respect, sharing and sense of community and well being are explored and promoted. Vocals, dance, and the playing of percussion instruments are all a part of this program. All participants get to play percussion instruments and play an active role in the activities. Previous drumming ability is not a requirement. This program, in its entirety, involves many activities, not all of which can be presented in a single session. A single session can be conducted, or a series of program classes may be scheduled. Sessions run one to two hours. If only a single session program is selected, it should encompass at least two hours. This program is available for all ages, including adults.

Drum Hands programs were created and are conducted by Ray Tregellas. A drummer for over thirty years, Ray has served as Artist Relations Manager for Pearl Drums and Artist Relations Manager/Education Program Coordinator for Latin Percussion, the world's largest drum set and hand percussion manufacturers, respectively. He has worked directly with some of the world's foremost drum and percussion artists and has played a major production role in the creation of several published instructional video and audio recordings. Ray is an active drum teacher and performer.




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